Shipping Policy

We’ll send krakkers anywhere UPS will deliver. Standard UPS Ground rates are based on the zip code of the shipping destination. A link to the UPS cost calculator tool is included on our order form to help you determine this cost. If you prefer to use a different carrier than UPS, just let us know.

Kettel Krakkers are a freshly baked-to-order food and we strive to ship your order within 2-4 business days from the day you place it. We’re eager to accommodate your needs, so please advise if you require mixed case orders or urgent delivery.

Our shipping box is custom-designed to minimize cracker breakage, but if this should happen, try sprinkling the “krakker krummer” (cracker crumbs) on salad - they’re a perfect alternative to croutons!

Your Satisfaction Matters!

We stand behind our products and trust you’ll be satisfied with our quality. If you’re less than thrilled with your purchase for any reason, please let us know - and we’ll make things right.